We are pleased to be able to announce the 2016 date (see below)

All shows will be held in the fantastic Kimberley Park

Parklive Dates for 2016




Sunday 24th




Sunday 29th




Sunday 26th




Sunday 31st




Sunday 28th




Sunday 25th

ParkLIve 2016 is a series of 6 unique, acoustic, free, daytime, live-music and performance events from inside Kimberley Park on a regular Sunday afternoon, for 6 consecutive months throughout the spring and summer of 2016. Parklive showcases the range of creative talent living in the Falmouth area. The event is a community-centred, open and accessible activity for local families, residents and visitors to attend. We especially aim to provide activities for younger people and audiences to take part in through initiative such as the ‘Acoustic Music and Storytelling Tent’, ‘Circus Skills’, ‘Theatrical Performances’ and ‘Art Workshops’.

The Last Show (September 2015).....


If you either enjoyed (or missed) the last show, you can listen again to the whole show by clicking this.

Parklive is a community event conceived and managed by Source FM, Falmouth and Penryns Community Radio Station

A Studio-35 Production